About Us

10 Years And Counting 

For the past decade, Kotóre has been striving to bring our customers the height of fashion without making them pay the high costs that usually come with it. We deal only in 100% authentic clothing and accessories so that our customers can be confident that when they buy from Kotóre they’re getting the real deal. It’s why we’ve made it this far, and why we’ll be here for years to come. 

Our Passion Is Fashion 

We’re fashion experts, but like you, we’re not too keen on spending more than we have to. Kotóre works hard to not only stay on top of the latest trends, but to find the hottest styles and most stylish brands at the most reasonable prices. We think that when you open up your closet you shouldn’t say “I have nothing to wear,” you should be asking yourself “which one of these gorgeous outfits am I gonna put on today?” With our incredible prices on outstanding clothes and accessories, you’ll soon have a closet full of stunning apparel.

The Right Fit For You 

Kotóre is dedicated to being the right fit for you. That means offering free shipping and free returns. It means offering designer apparel at discounted prices. It means providing personalized service and weekly additions to our shop. Being the right fit for you means helping you find stylish, designer clothing in your size, which is why we’re happy to provide exact measurements on any item we sell. If your order doesn’t fit just right, we’ll take it back without any hassle. Contact us at your convenience, we’re here, and we want to help you look your best.